Thursday, May 31, 2012

Physical Therapy ...first day back

Today I went back to physical therapy for the first time since I ended school. We did an evaluation today to assess what kind of shape my muscles are in. The good news is, my left leg gained some strength. The bad news is my right leg is worse.The contraction that was there, is now barely there. There is no voluntary movement of it, only palpable contractions and spazms. My therapist says its too early to give a prognosis so Id have to wait to see if I have a chance at regaining movement completely.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today has been a pretty rough day for me.  The hot humid rainy weather makes it awful on my joints. Last night was a patch change night. The pain was horrible. It felt as if my limbs were being torn off my body. Distractions are always good. It helps to help you not think about the pain. Although the pain is physically killing you, if you dont put all your attention on it, it makes it easier to cope. Thats how I get through the really hard days. I am getting really tired of my illness already. Especially the pain. I want to be able to enjoy being a young adult. I cant believe that five years of my life are just gone. That is time that I can never get back. Time I have spent being tortured like I never thought was possible. I can not wait until I am better and can regain my freedom.Until then, I will keep on fighting.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Living with lyme is so hard. Besides the physical hardships of the illness, many of us lyme patients have to deal with skeptics. Not just skeptics of you but skeptics of the illness itself existing. How are you supposed to get help if when you go to the hospital, the doctors there dont believe your illness even exists. Its the worst position to be in ever. Instead of getting help like any other patient would, we are stuck trying to convince medical professionals that we need help. It is extremely frustrating. I think it is time that the infectious disease society come up with better guidelines on lyme disease. So physicians can actually have a way of helping lyme patients. News flash, the three weeks of doxy is not sufficient. Maybe if Lyme was caught really early, but since the testing for the disease is not reliable, many  cases are caught too late. Its about time for a change.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am finally done with school.  It gives me mixed feelings. I like being home but, its hard because the distraction school gave me is gone. I have visited the ER only once this month. It was a pain issue as usual. I plan on spending the majority of this summer working on my health. I really hope I can find something to help ease the pain. I also hope to become more mobile. I have a goal to study in Sweden Spring semester and I want to be mobile by then so I can go.