Saturday, May 26, 2012


Living with lyme is so hard. Besides the physical hardships of the illness, many of us lyme patients have to deal with skeptics. Not just skeptics of you but skeptics of the illness itself existing. How are you supposed to get help if when you go to the hospital, the doctors there dont believe your illness even exists. Its the worst position to be in ever. Instead of getting help like any other patient would, we are stuck trying to convince medical professionals that we need help. It is extremely frustrating. I think it is time that the infectious disease society come up with better guidelines on lyme disease. So physicians can actually have a way of helping lyme patients. News flash, the three weeks of doxy is not sufficient. Maybe if Lyme was caught really early, but since the testing for the disease is not reliable, many  cases are caught too late. Its about time for a change.

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