Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bad Day

Today was not a good day for me. I awoken by my joints killing me. By that alone I knew it was time for me to change my patch. So i got myself out of bed and put on a new patch and went to class. I forced myself to go to class. Once at class I was listening to my professor lecture, yet I could not concentrate. The pain was excruciating. While the professor was talking I was silently begging to make the meds kick in. Some time passed and it just wouldn't stop. I tried to ignore it and continue on with my schoolwork. I was particularly determined to go to my next class because I seem to miss it often. It's not because i don't like the class, I have no problem with it. It's just a coincidence. Anyway, I was trying my best to make it through the class i was in. Then, I started tearing. I couldn't sit there any longer. I told my professor my situation and he allowed me to go back to my room. My friend volunteered to help me back to my room. Finally I made it back. I felt like I was gonna die. The pain was so bad. I managed to take my medicine and fall asleep. As I layed in my bed I couldn't help but feel guilty about missing my class. Of course this was something out of my control, but I couldn't help but obsess over it. When I awoke, I felt a little better, I guess my pain medicine decided to kick in. It was about time.

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