Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thank God its Thursday!

When seeing this title the first thing going through your mind is why the hell doesnt it read thank god its friday. Well curious readers, Thursday is like my friday. I dont have class on Friday so I technically have a three day weekend. Its awesome. Today I went to the doctor. Nothing of major importance happend there. When I got back to school I started on my homework and then went to the cafe for a family dinner with my roomies. It was nice. I have great roommates because they are so helpful to me. Since my campus is not exactly wheelchair friendly as I probably mentioned in several other posts, I need to take the longest possible route to get to the dining hall. Instead of taking the short route, my roomies took the long route with me. I really appreciate it because it is not too fun being outside in the cold connecticut weather longer than you have to. I am so glad that its the weekend. I have a lot of makeup work to do as well as homework. I also hope I can have sometime to just unwind. The week can get so stressful.

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