Saturday, June 30, 2012


I had a very productive day today. In physical therapy i did some weight bearing excercises. It was extremely difficult but i know its necessary. I felt good afterwards because i feel like im working hard. The physical therapist i saw today said i have a lot of potential but need a lot of therapy. Im up to the challenge. As much as it stinks to be in a hospital over break, i dont mind too much. I know that being here is what i really need.
       my grandparents surprise visited me today. It was definately a highlight since i often get lonley. My grandy made me laugh when she pointed out that we are the opposite of the rest of the visitors. The visitors were grandchildren visiting their grandparent while in my case it was the grandparents visiting the grandkid. Its pretty funny. Tomorrow is the day where there is no therapy...i have no idea what im gonna do all day. Thank god there is cable here :P. 


  1. Well, it takes patience to do weight-bearing exercises since our bones require an adjustment period to adapt to the weight we carry. But once your bones get stronger, you'll get used to those exercises. Just tough it out and do your best in every exercise. Remember that you’re doing that to get better! What exercises are you doing during your sessions? Does it include walking around the hospital and using step machines?

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement Candy :).. The weight bearing exercise I do at home involves sitting in my wheelchair and shifting the weight onto my legs without standing up. In therapy we use the standing frame.