Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Still not swallowing

Four days after my reaction and I still cant swallow. It  is so obnoxious because im friggin starving. I havent eaten much more than a little bit of baby food and soggy mashed potatoes. Im obviously dehydrated because Im ¨pale and dry¨ according to the pediatrician I saw. She recommends I go back to the hospital so I can be treated there. I am unsure whether I want to go or not. Everytime I go to the hospital its so aggravating.
 Despite this I attended a physical therapy session today. It was a good session, I worked hard leaving my muscles sore. We did e stim (electrical stimulation) today on my right leg to see if we could get the muscle to react a bit. It will take a while before we know if anything improves from the e stim.

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