Thursday, December 1, 2011

But you don't look sick.....

This statement is one of the ones that urk me the most. So much so that I have decided to dedicate a post to it. I understand sometimes people mean it to be genuinely supportive and for those people I will say thank you but that is not the right statement to say. Especially to a Lyme sufferer. That is a phrase we commonly hear from medical professionals who don't believe how much we are really suffering. Therefore, when we hear that from anyone else, we rightfully draw the conclusion that you do not believe that we are really suffering. One of the parts of Lyme disease that makes it worse than some other conditions is sufferers usually look "normal". Despite the "normal" appearance on the outside, your inside is being invaded and attacked. It makes you feel levels of terrible that you can not even imagine. It is extemely irrating to hear that comment also because it makes the sufferer feel like you do not take them seriously. Ever heard never judge a book by its cover. Usually that saying is geared toward something that looks not so pleasant on the outside being quite nice on the inside. But in the case of Lyme disease, that phrase is applied oppositely. It's bad enough we feel we need to justify ourselves to medical professionals for help, we dont want to have to justify our suffering to our friends too. Next time you are looking for something to say to a Lyme sufferer. Say I am here for you.


  1. Hey Alyssa I really am enjoying reading your blog..... I'm just sorry you are going through this... You are an amazing young lady.... You should be sooooooo proud of yourself... Keep writing so we can keep reading..... Keep up the good work.... Love ya sandy Chiusano

  2. hey Alyssa, i am 20 and have had lyme for five years and was recently diagnosed(3 months). i was thinking about the same thing today. i dont tell to many people i have lymes purely for this fact, but i dont blame my friends for not understanding. my family who watches me suffer daily dont really understand what im going through, so how could i expect my friends to, which really sucks, becuase some days, when the pain is to much, you just need someone to talk too... i enjoy your blog, keep writing!