Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Feelin like crap today. The rain outside doesnt do much for the spirits either. My throat and lungs feels kinda tight and i feel very lethargic. Meh. A lot of people at my school are sick and supposidly there is pneumonia goin around. super meh. If I get that im skrewed. My roommate and suitemate are sick. Luckily my roommate isn't as bad as my suitemate is. Thank god for clorox and hand sanitizer. I dunno what i would do with out em. Its an overall meh kinda day.


  1. Hang in there Aly! Keep wiping down those door knobs and faucets. Good news is frost on its way to kill some of those germs. Or is that good news at all?? Heehee. Some like it hot!!

  2. Hi Aly- I love the idea of the blog. Your mom told me you are going for criminal justice. Good luck and feel better. Love, Mrs. Brauner

  3. Hi Alyssa - Hope you have a MUCH better day today - the weather isn't cooperating much.....but I still hope it's a better day! Just know we are all thinking about you and sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Happy Wednesday!