Saturday, December 17, 2011

Everyday is Halloween

As a child you at somepoint wish that everyday was Halloween. You get to dress up as you please, get free candy, and wear cool masks. For lyme sufferers, everyday is Halloween. Not in literal sense obviously, but in the way that when you are living with lyme you are always wearing a mask. It really sucks how when you are around people you have to hide how you are really feeling on the inside. From my experience with the illness and talking to others about their experiences, I have concluded that when we go out we feel obligated to pretend to feel fine around others. Most people with Lyme don't look sick but are suffering greatly on the inside. So if we act like how we feel, people dismiss us as drama queens or attention seekers. Therefore, we kinda just suck it up, put on the mask and parade around the streets like nothing is wrong. When someone asks us how are you? we respond good or fine just to avoid having to explain how we are really feeling and then get the looks of disbelief. It gets eshausting to pretend all the time. But, after so many years of suffering, you kinda get used to it i guess. It's better than having to justify how crappy you are feeling.

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