Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Final Stretch

I am in the final stretch of finals. Thank God. I have been working hard studying this whole semester and am so ready to just chill. Though the chillin wont last too long because over break I need to start preparing for the new semester. I am a bit anxious about next semester because I need to take my math class. For those of you who dont know. Heres a math equation that can explain why. Math + Lyme = :( . Lyme makes things all jumbley in my head. Lyme makes it more difficult to think clearly. Most in the Lyme community know it as Lyme fog. Very unpleasant. But no matter what I will definately do my best to get through it. I will not worry myself too much though, because that never does anyone any good. Plus, I dont want next semester to ruin my break. Tomorrow is my last final. It is computers. Overall I dont think I did too poorly on them. To me the only thing that is important is passing. If the saying what you put into things is what you get out is true then I should atleast pass. I guess we shall see.

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