Monday, December 5, 2011


Physically, today was not one of my better days. My good friend the weather decided to change drastically again. However, noone around me would have been able to guess that. Even though I was feeling quite crappy, pain with a side of nausea, I tried to keep myself in a content mood. I learned that if you start dwelling about how bad things are for you, things will only be worse. It is really important to remember no matter how crappy you may feel, you can get through it. Whether it be something small like passing a quiz or something major like fighting an illness, if you keep it in your head that you will be able to get through, then you will. It is also important to remember that you always have someone there cheering you on.  Your friends, your family, your school, even your community. That is one huge thing that keeps me fighting. On the days where i just wanna throw in the towel I talk to my friends or family and then I realize all the support I have. I have support at school, home, my community, and even across the atlantic ocean. I really don't know where I would be without them.They are the ones who keep me going everyday. It strange because I always get all the credit for fighting. I don't deserve it because the truth its.. it is my loved ones who are fighting the fight. They lift my spirits, keep me motivated, and help me with whatever I can not do on my own. Hell, I know if I had a doctors appointment in China tomorrow my supporters would be by my side. That's what really matters in life. Unfortunately, it takes hardship for you to see who your real friends are in life. When the storm comes your real friends will stand by your side and help you fight through it. Not desert you for their own gain. That is not a real friend. I do not care how popular they may be or who they are. If they leave you when you need them, they are not a true friend.
I wrote this post in dedication to all of those who have been right here at my side fighting Lyme. Thanks guys I love you all!

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  1. Hi Honey,
    Wow Love your site. Looks so awesome and professional. So happy I have a place to communicate with you since I am not on Facebook. You are an amazing and inspiring person. You continually remain in my thoughts and prayers. My mother also has you on her daily prayer lists and has sent your name around the world on other prayer chains. I love what you wrote yesterday,and Mr. Weather (today) is going to get his butt kicked by me when I see him. LOL Will check in again. Peace my friend. Love Coleen Bock