Friday, December 23, 2011

My letter to Santa Claus

I know this is a little late but like many others, I have been too caught up in the holiday hecticness to write my  letter to Santa. So here it goes.

Dear Santa,
It is that time of year again where kids send you their Christmas requests. Although I am no longer a child at the age of 19 years. But I hope you will listen anyway. There is only one thing I want for Christmas this year. It is not the latest ipod, nor expensive clothing or jewlery. The only thing I want is my health back. I have been sick for so long. It has affected not only me but everyone who cares about me. It makes me so sad to see them so hurt and helpless. I want to feel what it is like to not be in pain and how it feels to walk on my own. I want to see my family cry tears of joy when they see me instead of the tears of sorrow they cry when they see my suffering. That present would be better than anything I could unwrap. So please Santa grant my Christmas wish.

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